5 Reasons to add Australia to your travel bucket list

Australia is the only country where you will find such a diversity of mountains, deserts, rainforests, beaches and modern metro cities. This diversity is the reason why Australia is popular among the travelers. The entire continent is surrounded by thousands of islands, reefs, and oceans turning it into the land of nature, sun and sand covered beaches. Australia has been ranked as the best backpacking destinations around the world and is a great place to explore for the backpackers. Let us see why you should add Australia to your travel bucket list.


Beautiful Beaches

Whether you are looking for some laid-back time or some adventurous getaway, Australia is the place for you. With more than 10,000 beaches in the country, you have plenty of options to choose from. Australia is famous for its stunning coastlines and the most famous beaches are Whitehaven beach, The Great Barrier Reef, Noosa Main Beach, Turquoise Bay, Cable Beach, Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Burleigh Heads Beach and many more.

National Parks and Rainforest

There are a number of national parks and rainforests scattered across the country. Australia has more than 500 national parks covering 28 million hectares of land. The famous National Parks in Australia are Freycinet National Park, Cradle Mountain National Park, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Grampians National Park, Great Otway National Park, Poet Campbell National Park, Kosciuszko National Park, Royal National Park, Daintree National Park, etc.

There are many rainforests in Australia that has been listed on the World Heritage list and are the oldest and largest tropical rainforest on earth. These rainforests are located in the region of Queensland (Wet tropics – Kuranda Rainforest & Daintree Rainforest), Tasmania (cool and dark tropics), New South Wales (Cool and warm tropics – Gondwanan Rainforest), Northern Territory (monsoon tropics), Victoria (Cool temperate tropics) and Western Australia (Dry rainforest).

Spectacular Mountains

Australia is home to many spectacular mountain ranges. They are not the highest but they definitely offer some breathtaking views in the world as well are worth a sight to behold. These mountains and peaks are a great place to explore for outdoor enthusiasts.The wonderful mountains to explore in Australia are Green Mountains (Queensland), Mount Barney (Queensland), Glass House Mountains (Queensland), Snowy Mountains (NSW), Blue Mountains (NSW), Wollumbin/Mount Warning (NSW), Mount Hotham (Victoria), Mount Feathertop (Victoria), Mount Buller (Victoria), Cradle Mountain (Tasmania), Kunanyi/Mount Wellington (Tasmania), Bluff Knoll (Western Australia), etc.

Wine Region

About 160,000 hectares of Australian land is covered with wineries making Australia the fourth largest exporter of wine. Explore the oldest Shiraz vineyards and award-winning Sauvignon Blanc in Australia. There are many winery events as well as annual festivals are held where you can discover the local wine and food. The major wine varieties produced in Australia are Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet sauvignon where Shiraz and Chardonnay make up for the 44% of the total wine production. South Australia is the largest wine production in the country. The top wine regions in Australia to explore are Barossa Valley (SA), Coonawarra (SA), Hunter Valley (NSW), Margaret River (WA), McLaren Vale (SA), Riverland (SA), Riverina (NSW), Rutherglen (Victoria), Tamar Valley (Tasmania), Yarra Valley (Victoria), etc.

Exotic Wildlife

A great range of unique and diverse exotic animals can be found in Australia. There are so many public and private zoos and natural reserves where you can learn about the different wildlife of the continent. From 3 groups of mammals to two reptile species to 4,000 fish species to 800 species of birds and 50 types of marine mammals, these often become the highlight for many travelers to visit Australia. Australia is home to wildlife such as Kangaroo, Koala, Dingo, Crocodile, Wombat, Platypus, Bilby, Wallaby, Tasmanian devil, Blue-tongued skink, Budgerigar, Shark, etc.

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