What to Consider before Choosing a Tour Package?

Package tours are expeditions or holidays which is an assortment of various services combined together to make a single collaborated trip. Generally, they combine things such as transport, accommodations, and meals. They may also involve the facility of a tour guide and/or leader. Tours can be short or long in distance and duration. They can be an overnight or one-day package, or they could be a period of a month or more. Tour packages usually include all transfers between stations/airports/harbours and hotels, cruises, rental cars, entrance fees to attractions, insurance, tickets for entry to attractions or events.


Types of Tour Packages

Today, the types of tour packages available in the market are vast and diverse. This ensures that all the needs and desires of consumers’ are fulfilled. There are four specific types of tour packages such as Adventure tours, Special-interest tours, Regional or city tours and group tours. According to your planning and requirements, you can go for any tour package you want.

Adventure tours are structured according to the customer’s interest areas such as diving, mountain or rock climbing, horse riding, skiing or cycling. The activities can also be modified depending on the needs of other travelers.

Special-interest tours are structured covering specific customers interest areas such as food and wine, art, sport, cultural or agricultural. This tour may include an expert or guide who understands the theme of a particular tour (e.g. a food expert to a food or wine tasting, or an art expert leading an art tour).

Regional/City tours usually last for one whole day or less than that. They stick to a fixed schedule and will visit areas of interest to fixed places, whether it is a historic, cultural or religious place; meals and refreshments are generally included.

Group tours also follow a predetermined and fixed schedule. This tour often takes place based on the number of travelers i.e. they need a particular number of travelers. Group tours are usually escorted or a tour guide service is provided.

Advantages of Tour Packages

From a consumer’s as well as a travel agent’s perspective, package tours provide many benefits such as:


The price of a tour, when organized as a package, is usually less as travel agencies buy their package deals in bulk and hence can sell the tours at a lower and more competitive rate. Also, many tour packages often include all meals on trips which cut down any extra costs and allow the customer to plan a budget properly.


Another advantage of tour packages is that the traveler won’t have to take responsibility for anything. For example, if something goes wrong i.e. if a flight gets delayed, which results in the traveler missing his/her connecting flight, it would be the operator’s responsibility to arrange a new ticket. If any problem or issue arises, It is the responsibility of the tour operator or the airline to solve it.

Convenient and time-saving:

This is indeed the most convenient manner of arranging a vacation or tour. The travel agency handles all the arrangements related to airlines, hotels, trips, meals, etc. Everything is done by the tour provider. This is turn saves the customer’s effort and time of approaching each service/company individually.

Hence, tour packages are a great option to go for instead of planning the whole trip on your own. NATO provides amazing Tour Packages in India for a memorable trip and that too at affordable prices.


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